Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fashion performance “EVERYTHING HAS ITS OWN PRICE” Eco, River Festival

Fashion performance in style of 40es, inspired by “PARIS” from Malcolm Mclaren

Art hats RED Inspired from the music of Edit Piaf

Handmade Jewelry

Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum vitae
2005 Graduated Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting – Restoration and Conservation, Macedonia
2002 Art Director of non – governmental organization NGO, realizing the projects in the field of art
2006 Member of the MMF Macedonian Fashion Formation
2009 Member of the DLUM Macedonian Artists Society
2010/2014 Art Director of the Watercolor Symposium in Skopje, Macedonia  


2013 - International art exhibition gallery `La Columbier` Paris, France
2013 - 25th International art exhibition Susongdong Gunsansi, Korea
2012 6th International Biennial exhibition of small graphics Tetovo, Macedonia
2012 - 1st International art festival Varazdin, Croatia
2012/13 - 3th 4th International watercolor symposium Skopje, Macedonia
2012/13 - 9th 10th International art symposium Cappadocia, Turkey
2011 - 4th International sculpture and painting symposium Penza, Russia
2011 - 2nd International watercolor symposium Skopje, Macedonia
2011 - 10th Green Voice - Biennial environmental photography exhibition Geneva, Switzerland  
2010 - 100 Openings group international exhibition Europe Culture Center, Berlin Germany
2010 - 1st International painting symposium Taches - Taches St Lo Normandy, France
2010 - 1st International watercolor symposium Skopje, Macedonia
2010 - 1st International watercolor symposium Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal
2010 - DLUM Drawings group exhibition Skopje, Macedonia
2009 - Winter Salon – Biennial selective exhibition Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Macedonia
2009 - Annual group exhibition Museum of City of Skopje, Macedonia
2009 - International sculpture and painting symposium Banja Luca, Bosnia and Hercegovina
2009 – Small Format DLUM Macedonian artist society, selective group exhibition Skopje, Macedonia
2009 - 9th Green Voice - Biennial photography exhibition Geneva, Switzerland
2008 - International painting symposium Castle Balcik, Bulgaria
2008 - 1st International Watercolor Symposium Santa Cruz, Portugal
2006 - 1st International painting and sculpture symposium Torres Vedras, Portugal
2006 - Group fashion show MMF National Museum Bitola, Macedonia
2003 - Festival of New Macedonian Art Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Macedonia
2002 - Group presentation of most successful project Kursumli an - National Museum Skopje
2002 - International painting and sculpture symposium Prilep, Macedonia


2013/14 - Art in residence, First Artist Community for Contemporary Art in Abu Dhabi, UAE
2013 - `Red Line` installation in public space, GTC Skopje, Macedonia
2013 - `State of the soul` installation in public space, Skopje, Macedonia
2012 - Art in residence, contemporary art program Austria
2011 - Painting exhibition in Macedonian Mission of EU Brussels, Belgium
2010 - Painting exhibition PCB Prima Center Berlin, Germany
2009 - Painting exhibition Art salon Skopje, Macedonia
2008 - Photography exhibition & performance Eko river festival Skopje, Macedonia
2008 - Painting exhibition Tocka Cultural center Skopje, Macedonia
2006 - Fashion show of art hats RED Skopje, Macedonia
2005 - Fashion show Paris Skopje, Macedonia
2002 - Fashion show & painting exhibition National museum - Jeni mosque Bitola, House of Culture Tetovo and National museum Kursumli An Skopje, Macedonia
2002 - Fashion week of independent fashion designers Skopje Fair, Macedonia


Castle Balcik” National Museum Bulgaria, National Museum Bosnia and Hercegovina, Municipality Torres Vedras Portugal, La Galery Geneva Switzerland, CCC Centro Cultural Chaldas da Rinha Portugal, Karpos Municipality Skopje, Macedonia, Aby Dhabi UAE
Private Collections Russia, France, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Korea, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, UAE and Macedonia.


2013 – 3rd Place Award for painting International competition “UMEA 2014” Paris, France
2010 - Bronze Plaque Award for watercolor CCC Centro Cultural Chaldas da Rinha Portugal
2002 - Golden Plaque Awards of successful event of independent designers Fashion weekend Skopje, Macedonia